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A Concise Guide to 4 Top-rated Ziplining Oahu Tours, Hawaii

A Concise Guide to 4 Top-rated Ziplining Oahu Tours, Hawaii

By Muhammad Muavia   |   FEBRUARY 19, 2024  

Ziplining Oahu

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Ziplining is a process of zipping down through fastened but suspended cables with a safety harness at a particular speed depending on weight, slope, and gravity to observe the surroundings or for the sake of transportation with different stop points in different lengths. From an adventure point of view, zipline activities are famous for observing recreational beauties like mountain ranges, panoramic views of deep-down oceans, and dense forests. Hence, for thrill seekers, the zipline provides fascinating outdoor eco-friendly activity.

Ziplining Oahu:

Nerve-wracking zipping above the treetops of the thick Jurassic jungle by leaving mountains at the back beyond the ocean is an astounding feeling that makes ziplining in Oahu so incredible. There should be some convincing reasons to go for something different and daring. So, given below are some reasons that make ziplining in Oahu a good pick.

  1. Sensational views of Oahu are picturized in more than 200 movies and Hollywood serials.
  2.  Chance to observe and taste fresh live fruits and veggies produced by well-renowned Keana Farms, having an annual yield above a million pounds in Hawaii.
  3. Opportunity to have exposure to the culture and history of Hawaii island.
  4. Chance to see the panoramic view of the ocean through thrilling but safe ziplining, trails, and ATV rides.
  5. Ideal place for adventurous people.

The ziplining in Oahu is possible through 4 different types of ziplines. Now, have a look at the highlights of all four ziplining in Oahu.

1-Keana Farms Zipline By Climbworks:

Keana Farms on the North shore of Oahu is the longest ziplining in Oahu ranging from 500-2400ft. The Wonderful tour starts with 2 miles of adventurous ATV rides across the jungle to the mountain top and takes 10-15 minutes to reach the zipline. The tour guide provides information about the history and culture of Hawaii during the trip. The cost of this zipline is 180$ per person.

Highlights of Keana Farm's zipline are:

  • Tallest and longest dual zipline in Oahu, Hawaii
  • Funfilled 3 hours of world-class 8, back-to-back ziplines
  • Experience 2 wonderful rappels,3 amazing sky bridges, and breathtaking scenic boardwalks with some other challenging surprises in the safe and controlled environment of farms.
  • View of working agriculture farm and opportunity to taste its fresh production during the visit.
  • For kids under 70 lbs, tandem zipline options are available.

2-Jurassic Valley-Kualoa Ranch Zipline:

Kualoa Ranch (the backlot of Hawaii) is about 4000 acres of nature reserves between the Hakipuu and Kualao valleys. Jurassic Valley Zipline is famous among all zipling in Oahu as it contains cinematic views picturized in multiple Hollywood projects like Jurrasic Park, Jurassic World, Jumanji, and King Kong.

Highlights Of Jurassic Valley-Kualoa Ranch Zipline Are:

  • Ziplines: 7 ziplines ranging from 200ft to 1300ft
  • Nature Trails: 5 hiking trails
  • Suspension Bridges: 2 bridges
  • Age Requirement: Participants must be aged 13 years and older
  • Cost: Average cost per person is approximately $175
  • Availability: Tours operate from Monday to Sunday
  • Duration: The tour takes 2.5 hours to complete
  • Tandem Rides: Available for families and kids to experience the stunning fauna and flora of the valleys

3-Coral Crater Zipline:

Coral Crater is an adventure park of 35 acres, initially produced by the US Navy in 1940 as a naval airport. Coral Crater provides distinctive junctures for visitors to soar through the treetops. Coral Crater Ziplining in Oahu is supposed to be cost-effective as it offers full and half packages.

Highlights Of Coral Crater Zipline Are:

  • Ziplines: A complete tour includes 6 outstanding ziplines ranging from 300-900ft across the park.
  • Additional Experiences: Participants can enjoy a 50ft. high freefall, king swing, ATV rides on trails, aerial obstacles of a jungle gym, and a climbing wall in the park.
  • Park Timings: The park is open from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Cost: The budget per person is about $200 for the full tour.
  • Tour Levels: Coral Crater offers two levels of ziplining tours. The full tour allows participants to navigate through hanging bridges, ropes, and cables with multiple challenging elements.
  • Half-Tour Option: An electrifying half-tour experience is available for $100, featuring 3 ziplines.

4-Bay View Zipline:

The Bay View zipline is 400ft in length. It is single, smallest, and lowest among all ziplining in Oahu.It cost just 30$ per zipline. The Bay View zipline is ideal for beginners who want a mind-blowing trip for a short period in a limited length.

Comparison among Zipling Oahu

For better understanding, a comparison between 4 ziplining in Oahu has mentioned below in a chart:

Name Ziplines Dual Zipline Features Cost in dollars $ Timeline Remarks Location Length /height
Kualoa Ranch Jurrasic Ziplines 7 yes Natural Cinematic Beauty 175 2.5 hours Prime Filmy location (Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and King Kong) Kualoa East Oahu 1300 ft./100ft
Coral Crater 6 yes For families 200$ (100$for 3) 2 hours Full and half packages available Kapolei South West Oahu 900ft/65ft
Bayview Zipline 1 For beginners 30$/zipline Smallest and lowest South East Oahu 400ft/40

Special Notes by the Services in Ziplininig Oahu , Hawaii

For the sake of unforgettable but secure tours, some safety measures are there. One must know these restrictions before the booking. All the visitors are initially weighed right after check-in:

  • The weight of the visitors should between 60 to 80 pounds. Height should be between 4-6.9 ft.
  • Waist size up to 22- 50 (inches)
  • Kids under 13-years must have guardians with them.
  • Kids under 6-years are not allowed.
  • Don’t carry loose and baggy dresses.
  • Footwear should be well-gripped and of close style.
  • Tie your long hair properly.
  • Avoid uncomfortable and heavy jewelry items.
  • Bring light cover-ups and sunscreen along with bug-repellant products.
  • Oahu ziplines are not for pregnant women, heart patients, or people having joint and spinal issues.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the guide.
  • Cameras are allowed.


How much does it cost to zipline on Oahu Island?

The price range varies based on the different tours and companies.

For an estimate, it is between 105$ – 420 $ per person.

Are there some age limitations to join?

Yes, there are age limitations. People from ages 6 to 90 years can enjoy ziplining but with a good to medium fitness level. Secondly, kids below the age of 13 years must have guardians with them.

Is it possible for obese people to do ziplining?

People of weight between 60 to 280 pounds are allowed. There are weighing formalities at the very start after check-in. Secondly, pregnant ladies, heart patients, and people having joint and spinal issues are not allowed

How much time does it take to do ziplining in Oahu?

Timeline varies based on number and lengths of ziplines. The tour takes 2-4 hours on average.



If you are physically fit, financially independent and have the heart to embark on adventurous tours, you can plan ziplining Oahu in your vacations. You can visit ziplining in Oahu alone or with friends and family to add cherish able moments in your good memories.

Muhammad Muavia

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