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Alaska Airlines Lounges: Price Hikes, Access Restrictions, and Alternative Options

Navigating The New Frontier Of Alaska Airlines Lounges Price Hikes, Access Restrictions, And Alternative Options

By Muhammad Muavia   |   November 15, 2023  

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Alaska Airlines - a well-known airline, where a customer-centric approach is accompanied by a commitment to create a smooth travel, has recently made a substantial change to its visiting rooms membership program.

From February 1, 2024, Alaska Airlines would initiate the rise in the price of tickets for regular and priority memberships as well as tight access restrictions on some elite member passengers. Given these new strategies may of course omit some issues undetected by frequent fliers, we need to open up for discussion to identify other ways to access lounges.

Price Hikes due to growing demands in Alaska Airlines:

Raising the price of the lounge membership is a measure that is taken after Alaska Airlines has achieved the aim to guarantee a high-quality lounge experience and to make it as exclusive as possible. With the constant hike in lounge demand, the airline has set on itself the agenda of ensuring that the lounges remain classy ports of comfort and convenience for its loyal and most-served customers.

Raising membership fees and being able to control the influx of lounge guests better is one of the crucial that can provide all the customers a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Holding both scale and quality in equilibrium.

The limited lounge access that Alaska Airlines offers to MVP Gold and Concierge members shows the company's obligation to deal fairly with their loyal clients while investing in the best approach to managing the lounge environment for their members.

These top-notch individuals have had the freedom of being members of these exclusive clubs whilst the airline Management intends to continue providing these privileges but only to a certain number of passengers that can be catered for since these lounges are not limitless and they are supposed to maintain the experience. The air carrier is trying to remain competitive by reserving seats on Alaska Air and Horizon Air for those travelers who take their airline service duty most seriously or are the most cost-effective customers.

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Understanding Consequences and Impact On Customers:

Being restricted to the main members of the lounge, "Alaska Airlines," is going to inevitably have a mixed impact not only on different tiers of customers but also on other airline's loyalty members as well. As a result of the rate hike which is publicized from time to time, the high-frequency members of MVP Gold and Concierge clubs that are likely to use Alaska Airlines lounges constantly could likely be the ones who are most affected as they now have to face extra payment and limited access.

Alternative Options:

For those travelers of Alaska Airways, what lounges that are available in addition to the official waiting room owned by the airlines, are also accessible. Alaska Air collaborates with a number of other partner networks that independently operate their own lounges. People can buy fares to visit these lounges or think about enrollment in the partner companies' lounge membership programs. On the opposite note, there are also some private airport lounges that provide services for all guests at a fee.

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Additional Insights:

    • Alaska airline’s not uncommon to bear the news that they will soon overhaul the cost of membership and substantially restrict access to the lounge. Besides, other renowned companies including Delta Air Lines and American Airlines followed the path and also implemented similar modifications during the last few years.


    • Simply put, the general movement of airlines charging more for more additional services, such as hand luggage, seating seats, and the boarding option, goes for lounges also. Airlines today try to look for more ways to enhance the revenue-generating opportunities and that is why they are now charging fees for previously standard amenities.


    • Though the recognition that Alaska Airlines’ lounge membership will not be available to every kind of passenger who will go through the discomfort may pose a temporary challenge, the airline still stands for providing an unrivaled amenity to its most frequent and loyal customers. Through the process of changing according to emerging patterns of traveling and implementing the right moves, Alaska Airlines’ aim is not only to keep but also to bolster the title of one of the first-rated airlines providing the passengers with the most convenient and the most gratifying travel services.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should the planned changes to Alaska Airline's membership at the club lounge be implemented?

From February 1st, 2024, Alaska Airlines will implement new rules for its lounges’ membership opportunities.

Will club memberships raise the price up to this little increase?


We will now be charging $80 more for the normal price for a yearly membership which will now be $500, instead of the original $450. From $650 to $750, the price of a one-year Lounge+ subscription is raised.

Are MVP Gold and Concierge Alaska members able to use lounges? Should they have access?

Of course, indeed, Alaska Airlines lounges will continue to be available for purchase by Alaska Airlines Elite MVP Gold and Concierge members. Nevertheless, they would only be able to enter Alaska Lounge if they are a passenger who is an Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air customers on a flight that is originating or arriving at the airport at which the lounge is located.

What is the offers for lounge access?

Alaska Airlines offers not one, but a few options for lounge access to our customers who want to enjoy one of these peaceful private areas before their trips. Alaska Airlines affiliates with different airlines as member lounges. Clients can acquire day passes and they can also join lounge programs which are staffed by some of the airlines. Nevertheless, among private airport lounges, there are also ones that are accessible to all travelers by paying a fee (personal airport lounges).

Have you come up with any new plans for Alaska Airlines' lounge membership program?

Alaska Airlines says that in order to maintain the absolute value for their most frequent and loyal customers, the lounge access and its members’ benefits are going to be reduced underlying the fact that the airline becomes more appreciated by all guests while reducing the crowding.


Alaska Air's approach to lounge membership signifies the dynamic nature of the travel industry that is based on customer expectations to stay informed and empowered to make choices in their travel. Airlines have to find the right balance between the profitability and the sustainability of their operations. This means that they should be very careful when selecting the quality and quantity of premium amenities and how to allocate their resources. Yes, these changes might not suit all customer-specific demands initially, however, it is important to pay attention to Alaska Airlines' pledge to offer its passengers an excellent and consistent trip quality.

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